Scholarship Award Winners

The scholarship committee is pleased to announce the deserving winners of our Scholarship Awards for 2017:

Mathilde Saucedo

Mathilde is currently attending Santa Clara University with a major in Accounting. Her parents were immigrants from Mexico looking to live the American Dream. She wants to excel academically and work towards a career that will empower her to become a role model for so many Latinas who share a similar background. Her grade point average is 3.946 and is anticipating graduating in May 2019.

Roberto Magana

Roberto grew up in Watsonville and always had big city dreams. He started his education at San Francisco State, but then went to a Junior College to allow his sister to get an education too without being too much of a burden to his parents. Being the eldest out of all his cousins, he felt responsible to be a role model for them. He currently works for Boman Accounting Group. He anticipates graduating December 2017 and would like to be a member of AFWA.

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